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Febbraio dai Kankari - concerti e Jam Session!!


Osti dai Kankari
via Fossa Donne, 93 a Marano di Mira (Venezia).
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Lunedì 1
YERBAGUENA Musica e danze gitane

Giovedì 4
DO STORIESKI Appuntamento consueto con l'almanacco veneto - ZIOBA GRASSO

Domenica 7
LE DOMENICHE DEL FILÒ Aperti a pranzo e filò con il grande ventriloquo Dante Cigarini dalle 17:00

Lunedì 8
GLI STELLARI Marchin' band per fiati e batteria con Marco Furio Forieri... festone di carnevale!

Giovedì 11
MARCO IACAMPO Per "Kankarassi - Cantautori in osteria"

Lunedì 15
MI LINDA DAMA Historia sefardita en musica

Lunedì 18
MONKANKARI Jazz Jam Session with "Thelonious Monk School of Jazz"

Domenica 21
LE DOMENICHE DEL FILÒ Aperti a pranzo e filò

Lunedì 22

Giovedì 25

Lunedì 29
TBA - To be announced

creative Jazz Clinic in Velenje 

24-28 febbratio Velenje (Slovenia)

Mentors 2016:
Jure Pukl (SL/USA) - art director/saxophone/ensemble
Gregory Hutchinson (USA) - drums/ensemble
Melissa Aldana (Chile/USA) - saxophone/ensemble
Kaja Draksler (SL/N) - piano/improvisation/ensemble
Raynald Colom (S/F) - trumpet/ensemble
Femi Temowo (UK) - guitar/ensemble
Robert Jukič (SL) - bass guitar/double bass/ensemble​

What does 'the clinic' mean in this context?
At the five-day music get-together, we are going to exchange knowledge, ideas, advice, we are going to encourage and motivate. The intention is, of course, not to 'cure' but rather advise, debate and search for solutions and answers. The tone of the mentor-student relationship will be friendly rather than authoritative.

Who can apply?
The clinic is meant for anyone with at least some experience in the field of improvisation and jazz and some knowledge on their instrument.

What are the lectures going to be like?
Since the clinic won't be offering 'one-on-one' instrumental lectures, but rather the mentor will teach a group (of up to 10 people), it is possible to apply for those who don't have enough knowledge and would only like to take part as passive spectators. The halls where the lectures will take place can acommodate a larger number of participants. Those who do apply as active participants will collaborate with the mentors on their instruments. There'll be enough instruments in the halls for the teacher and the student/s to play together.

What are the mentors' lectures going to be about?
The mentors will choose their topics individually. These will vary from technique, improvisation and expressiveness to achieving particular styles and discovering new directives (from swing and tradition to free jazz and avant-garde). They are going to talk about different concepts in music, how music should be listened to, what to listen to if you're interested in something in particular etc. The participants will be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers from their mentors on whatever their interests may be.

What will the ensembles be like and how will the ensemble practice look like?
Each mentor will lead their own theme ensemble which means that the music performed will be the particular mentor's choice.



Melissa Aldana/Jure Pukl - MODERN/ODD RHYTHM





The ensemble practice will take place in the afternoon between 15:30 and 18:00. Each mentor will be taking on two ensembles and each ensemble will practice for around 1h 15 min per day. Students will be able to participate in more than one ensemble as long as the schedules don't coincide. This will all be a matter of discussion.

Will there be a closing concert and what will it be like?
Yes, the closing concert of all active participants will take place on 28th of February in Velika dvorana Glasbene šole Fran Korun Koželjski at 19:00. Each mentor will prepare two compositions with each ensemble.

Will there be nightly jam sessions?
Of course. Each day at 20:30, Velenje's native Miha Koren and his Italian colleague Francesco Ciniglo are going to invite a guest mentor soloist to perform with them an opening set (around 45 minutes). An unlimited open jam session will follow. Anyone wanting to perform will get their chance. The mentors will also participate. The sessions will take place in Max Klub Velenje where Gretsch drums, acustic piano, guitar amplifier, contrabass, electric bass and bass amplifier will be available.

Riparte l'anno scolastico 2015/2016

Cari amici,

sono aperte le iscrizioni alle lezioni individuali e collettive!

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